A List of Coping Skills

A wide variety of coping skills that can be used by all when dealing with stressful times. Find the coping skills that works best for you.

Remember that everyone can find different results with the same coping skill. What works for you may not work for someone else you know. Take time to explore these ideas, try them out, and be aware of how you feel during and after. Also, do not hesitate to contact our office or find a therapist that can work with you as needed so you can learn skills for your healing.  

Below, you’ll find Blake Flannery’s master list of coping methods and skills organized into categories (2016).


  • Write, draw, paint, photography;
  • Play an instrument, sing, dance, act;
  • Take a shower or a bath;
  • Garden;
  • Take a walk, or go for a drive;
  • Watch television or a movie;
  • Watch cute kitten videos on YouTube;
  • Play a game;
  • Go shopping;
  • Clean or organize your environment;
  • Read;
  • Take a break or vacation.

Social/Interpersonal Coping

  • Talk to someone you trust;
  • Set boundaries and say “no”;
  • Write a note to someone you care about;
  • Be assertive;
  • Use humor;
  • Spend time with friends and/or family;
  • Serve someone in need;
  • Care for or play with a pet;
  • Role-play challenging situations with others;
  • Encourage others.

Cognitive Coping

  • Make a gratitude list;
  • Brainstorm solutions;
  • Lower your expectations of the situation;
  • Keep an inspirational quote with you;
  • Be flexible;
  • Write a list of goals;
  • Take a class;
  • Act opposite of negative feelings;
  • Write a list of pros and cons for decisions;
  • Reward or pamper yourself when successful;
  • Write a list of strengths;
  • Accept a challenge with a positive attitude.

Tension Releasers

  • Exercise or play sports;
  • Engage in catharsis (yelling in the bathroom, punching a punching bag);
  • Cry;
  • Laugh.


  • Get enough sleep;
  • Eat healthy foods;
  • Get into a good routine;
  • Eat a little chocolate;
  • Limit caffeine;
  • Practice deep/slow breathing.


  • Pray or meditate;
  • Enjoy nature;
  • Get involved in a worthy cause.


  • Drop some involvement;
  • Prioritize important tasks;
  • Use assertive communication;
  • Schedule time for yourself.

Flannery, B. (2016, December 18). A list of coping skills for anger, anxiety, and depression. Retrieved from

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