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Chris Fowler


When difficult events occur in your life, there is both an emotional and physical memory of said event. Many times, we can overcome these difficulties naturally and without much suffering. Other times, it seems no matter what we try we cannot break the cycle that is holding us back from the next step in our lives. This is where therapy comes in. Using trauma informed evidence-based practices, I help my clients to identify and strengthen the tools they need to grow. These tools are within each of us, and the right combination of environment and therapeutic relationship allow them to surface. No two people will have the same path to overcoming their troubles.

Together we will build a working relationship in which you feel empowered to face life’s challenges and strengthen those tools within you to build self esteem and confidence. It is important to me to listen attentively and with an open mind to best understand your perspective. With this knowledge, we will put into place a plan to follow during our sessions. This plan will be revisited as often as necessary to ensure we are addressing the issues most important to you.

My background includes working with adults and adolescents. I have worked in community, outpatient, and inpatient settings. I utilize body based and mindfulness techniques to build client’s awareness of and integration between the body and mind. When this connection is strongest, we are best able to deal with whatever life has to throw at us. You may not be sure if you are ready to take this next step in your life, that is ok. If you would like to discuss further what therapy may look like for you, please reach out to me.


*Trauma and PTSD Issues

*Mood Stabilization

*LGBTQ Community

*Healthy Coping Skill Focus